CrossFit Enhance wish list

To ensure that CrossFit Enhance continues to be a first-class facility providing a broad range of quality and safe equipment at the quantities needed to meet our member’s needs, a restricted fund has been created within the DMH Foundation specifically for CrossFit Enhance.

As funds are accumulated, items from the list of priorities will be purchased first. If you’d like your gift to be used to purchase a specific piece of equipment, you may do so as long as the gift covers the full purchase cost.

Priorities List:

  1. Ropes:         $80-$130/rope
  2. Boxes:         $200
  3. Clips:            $5-$10/pair
  4. 2.5’s/5’s:     $8-20/pair
  5. Whiteboard: $150-250

Wish List:

  1. Ski Ergs:             $770-$900
  2. Dumbbells:       $100-$300
  3. Slamballs:         $50-$100/ball
  4. KettleBells:       $30-$90/KB
  5. Wallballs:          $70-$105/ball
  6. Barbells:            $195-$220/bar
  7. Cubbies             $200

If you would like to contribute towards this fund or have additional questions, you may contact Darin Buttz, Director of Health & Wellness or Coach Casey Acree, CrossFit Coordinator.

All gifts to CrossFit Enhance are considered a charitable gift. To receive proper acknowledgement for a gift, checks should be made out to the DMH Foundation clearly noted for “CrossFit Enhance-Equipment”. You can also make gifts online at: www.dmhcares.com/donate-and-volunteer/donate/.